hierarchy of colas.

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This isn't important in the least, but I feel it bears saying.

1. McDonald's fountain Coke
2. Pepsi from a 2 liter bottle, poured into a thin-lipped plastic glass, with 4-6 ice cubes
3. Fountain Coke from any purveyor other than McDonald's.
4. Pepsi from a can
5. Pepsi from a 20 oz. bottle
6. Fountain Pepsi
7. Coke from a can
8. Coke from a 2 liter or 20 oz. bottle

Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi don't exist to me, hence their exclusion. And as for flavors: Cherry Coke > Cherry Pepsi. Mostly because of one unfortunate drunken night where I tried to mix Cherry Pepsi and coconut rum. Bad idea.


Dave said...

Ha! Just read this. I agree fountain Coke is pretty groovy, but would rarely ever choose Pepsi.

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