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I'm working in retrograde this week. The last few weeks, even last month of December was a trip and a half, but not the best kind where it's all expenses-paid to the Bahamas or Sandals or something. More like the trip where you end up in some podunk town with twelve bucks on you and an empty gas tank and six hundred miles left to go before you're home safe and sound. Such is life.

So instead of talking about the bad things of the past few weeks, just right this second, just for you now, I'll instead let you know that:

You guys. I pretty much owned my first semester at art school*, as you expected.

After missing one assignment out of seventeen, I knew I had to work pretty ridiculously hard to get a good grade on my final so I could get away with a B in my design class. So I did... just, I did it in the eleventh hour. Or, at least, the thirty-first through the eleventh hours. The project I chose was pixelating a photo and then gridding an illustration board and painting the pixelated image on it. I'm not good at math, not in the least, no how, but I did manage to figure out that the 8x10 photo of a kid in a lemonade stand, manipulated to 5 pixels per inch and blown up to 20x25, was going to be 2000 half-inch squares. I knew when I started the project, two weeks before it was due, that 2000 squares was a shit lot of squares. I didn't realize exactly HOW MANY SHIT LOT OF SQUARES that was till the day before it was due, after I had lunch with a friend and went home around 4pm to get down to brass tacks on the painting, which had only been about 12% done up to that point.

Well, I got to work, for twenty hours straight - mostly. I took three naps totalling two hours, and in each of those naps, my brain treated me to a magically rendered, tedious dream of my hand mixing colour. Like those work dreams where you're working for the entire 8 hours you sleep. It was fun. And that was an egregious lie.

I twitpic'd some of my progress:
20% done:
50% and change:
and the end result:

I finished at 1 pm; class was at 3 pm with about a half hour of travel and parking and walking-to-class time to factor in. I had enough time to shower, grab a sub on campus and get to class and poop myself, but it was worth it for that A+ on the final, which gave me an A- in the class.

Not too shabby for missing one whole assignment**.

My other class, Astronomy (for my Physical Science req), I was really worried about, but thanks to it being a large LARGE online class with a huge HUGE curve, I managed to walk away with a not-entirely-deserved-but-you-bet-I-will-take-it B+. Thanks for somehow sucking worse than me, everyone else in the class!

So Monday starts the cycle of school again, with the culprits this time being: Art History 1, Drawing 1, Oil Painting 1, Nutrition (online), and a Nutrition lab.

Full-time art, here I come!
And also I will update you on the very very inauspicious beginnings of my 2010. Next time. Trust me. They are worth an update of their very very very own.

*Nevermind that I only took one art class this semester.
**Which I actually HAD ready to hand in for the "make-up assignments" period, but since that class period was actually a work-on-your-final period and my final was too big to fit into my portfolio, I left the whole thing at home, missing assignment and all... so it's my own damn fault for not getting an A or A+.


sharongracepjs said...

Really freakin' juicy proud of you. Totally.

oh, rebecca. said...

Olive you. I'm totally proud of you too, my lovely love love!!

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