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My lovely friend Angela made this lovely and awesome drawing of Michael Jackson in his memory. Through the suggestions of many a friend, she has decided to put them on teeshirts so that people can wear his visage on their body in a most unique way!

Here is the item on etsy. Make sure you check out the other stuff in her store as it's quite whimsical and (dare I say it?) lovely!


Shaylen Maxwell said...

Wow, that's an awesome drawing, and it's post surgical cleft chin! : ) I'd buy a T-shirt for sure.

Alanna said...

haha, that drawing is rad!

Just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say I love your design... tres cool. Nice to meet ya!

oh, rebecca. said...

@Shaylen, isn't it great! I love it. She did it within a few hours of his death, I believe. She's great!

@Alanna I love it! Can't wait to get mine! And thank you so much <3 I keep wanting to tweak the design, but find myself devoid of time. Nice to meet you too!

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