Time for newness!

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I have a new blog, and it's just for me! But you can look at it if you want... I guess. It's to track an exciting new adventure I'm going on, called being healthy and losing weight. We'll see how that goes!

You can cheer me on (or jeer at me when I inevitably fail) at: http://www.rebeccalosesit.blogspot.com

Check out that hot-hot-hot banner. I did that. Honestly.


Sharon Pelletier said...

None of this "when I inevitably fail" shit. Have I taught you NOTHING about positive thinking and believing in yourself? It's important when it comes to boys; it's IMPERATIVE when it comes to weight loss.


Say it with me: YES I CAN.

LiLu said...

I want to be like Sharon... but I think more like you. Sigh.

oh, rebecca. said...

@Sharon - I'm JUST saying. I will probably give up halfway through like I do with everything. Woo.

(yes I can)

Should I commission Shepard Fairey to design me an iconic motivational bumper sticker? Oh wait, I can do that myself.

@LiLu - 'tis rough, 'tis tough, 'tis hard. I have fleeting moments of optimism but they are reserved more for things like "I hope this 15 minute car ride to work goes awesome!" rather than big life-changing events. Le gran sigh.

Shaylen Maxwell said...

Checking now! :D

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