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Okay so, hi. In lieu of actually making a productive, worthwhile, meaningful post*, I decided I will share with you some of my nightly doodles. At night, while being bored by network television and wishing I had cable and/or internet to occupy my time, I thumb through my extensive stash of magazines and draw from photographs and add words, or I draw things I see around my house and add words. Or sometimes I don't add words. One of them is a painting on a cardboard circle I found in a box at work (I have a few more of these to art up, wheeee!).

Here they are, in order of appearance in my life:

become a productive member of society

but every year is longer

he said he loves my hair

big gulp

even something needs nothing sometimes

boxer what

boxer big nose

i am going away

thank you to Thao Nguyen for those words.

hello, dog

running doggy

parsley and celery

side 1

side 2

As you will see, I hate drawing faces, so I just don't. I fill them with words, or, in the case of "side 1," I pencil in the face (something I don't do often - it's pen or nothing for me with these doods), decide it looks okay, pen it in, and then go "UGH. RUINED." So then it all gets blacked in. Such would be the case with my alien girl, whose profile looked like shit, so she got squiggles and fill-ins, and then I branded her an alien and made her feel like an outcast just because I'm the worst at faces. See?

she is obviously super sad. I did that.

Frustrated with my inability to draw noses, I once went through a magazine and drew every single nose I saw in it. It happened to be a smaller, not very thick magazine, and it happened to be one without a lot of models, but there were still thirty-some-odd noses to be drawn (I didn't bother with the ones so tiny a dot would suffice). This method seems to have helped my proboscis drawings, so I'll probably adopt it again for all other facial components. Stupid lips, especially. Grumble, grumble.

So, these are my doodles, and these are why I sometimes don't answer texts or return calls between 9-11pm, or 1-4am if I've gone out. SORRY.


*something I have yet to accomplish. Someday. Probably not.


toonman said...

Nice dewdles. I enjoy your tweets, too.

Jeffrey Koterba

Paul Spence said...

Nice work. I'm with you on the faces, I hate them!

Anonymous said...

very nice some I would gladly have framed on my walls!

Occasional Threads said...

I love these! Esp. the black and white drawings. Have you ever thought about trying to sell them?

sharongracepjs said...

Rebecca, how much? I want to buy the alien girl and the red "I am going away."

sharongracepjs said...

actually i also want to buy "even everything needs nothing"! Dibs!

oh, rebecca. said...

@Jeffrey, thank you! I forgot to add you on twitter I think. Off to do so now! (when I'm done here)

@Paul, thanks man!! That means lots to me coming from someone with your talent :) PS I have a few book ideas!

@Anon, swell! Thanks!! <3

@Trin thank you darling! I have very briefly thought about it, but am terrible at pricing and stuff. They might show up on Etsy soon though. Who knows!

@Sharon you got it!! <3

Thank you ALL!

Jamie said...

My doodles are stick figures. Yours are awesome!

oh, rebecca. said...

Thank you, my most lovely Jamie! I have some new ones I will post at the end of the week (trying to do at least 1 a day). Woo!

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