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Here are my doodles and sketches from the past week:

L to R (in order of date drawn):

he is careless - 8/23 part of a new 'series' called 'handsome men made ugly by hideous truths [and my pen]'
rainy day - 8/24
full of himself - 8/25 also part of 'handsome men'
sunglasses - 8/26 just trying out a profile
miss mary - 8/27

pug dog - 8/28
handlettered a - 8/29
handlettered r - 8/29

•bottom row
michael jackson lady - 8/29 some lady in an article in Vogue looked JUST like MJ, only... older. And alive, I guess.
turtle - 8/29 for my mom!
cock and hen and chicks - 8/29
in his shoes/in his footsteps - 8/30

So I drew some dudes and there they are, mixed in the mix. I'm not 100% happy with them, but oh well. That's what I get for drawing only in ink where I can make more mistakes and they're less fixable.

To prove that when I actually dust off a pencil and sit down and concentrate on things I can draw a face pretty well, here is one I drew last year or so from a Fringe [hair salon] ad.

And sometimes I can draw dudes. Ish. Although this was done entirely in pen and no pencil, so really I have no excuse.

There is a week's worth of doodles, plus some sketchies culled from my sketchbook! Enjoy!


Angela Ficorelli said...

These faces look great! Nice work. I <3 the Rainy day one!! Also love your red roosters :)

Angela Ficorelli said...

oh! The last dude reminds me of Tibor Kalman which is AWESOME!

oh, rebecca. said...

thank you Angie!! <3

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