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I don't know if I just don't understand people, or if I just don't understand people.

I try very very hard not to say things I don't mean. It's a point of contention with me. I've been lied to an awful lot, so if there's something serious that I've got to say, and saying it could have awful repercussions, I tend to think and think and mull and mull until I'm sure it's true. I don't say it and hope it comes true: that's a wish, not a statement, not a fact, and wishes are best reserved for:

  • 11:11

  • birthday cakes and candles

  • beggars who want to ride

  • upon stars

  • lists on

  • sick children

I do know that things change and feelings change and thoughts change, but actions play a big part in this too. Time, too.

I'm rather simplistic in that I expect that people mean what they say, when they say it. Apparently I need to put the blinders on though and assume the opposite whenever possible. I thought I was getting better at seeing through bullshit, but was wrong about that.

I'm wrong about a lot of things.
I think I should start saying what I don't mean. Or not saying what I mean. Or not meaning what I say.


Jackie (WritRams) said...

SO...what are you really trying to say?!? ;)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Time...actions. sigh. I think sometimes I WISH, i could force the action, or move along time, is that a good wish?

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