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The infrequency with which I update this blog would lead you to believe that I have little or nothing to say. This is not the truth, but I can't explain away my absence or reluctance to post, or overall lack of updates, other than I fail at most things, blogging being yet another one of them.

I can try harder.


angfic said...

Hey Rebecca! I just found your blog! yay :) I'm going to add you to my blog...I dont update it very often either. maybe we can motivate eachother to update! I'm excited about a painting of lincoln!

bex said...

Hey Angie!! I'll add you to mine too, and follow and all that stuff! I'm thinking about stuff to write but I have a hard time focusing sometimes. I like a multimedia experience with pictures and words hehe. We should motivate each other! We could have blog nights, haha!! I'm excited about a painting of Lincoln too!

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